About Us

Hello! Welcome to the Desert Collectors website. I'm Nigel Quick, Desert Collectors was created so you could meet the incredible people we were lucky to be introduced to in our store here on the Goldfields of Western Australia and see their wonderful collections. I have been so lucky and privileged to be let into so many peoples live and tell their stories. 

Every character I meet is different which makes for a wonderful story and I am so surprised by every collection, 90% of all the stories that you see I'm also seeing for the first time.

The other wonderful thing about Desert Collectors is that I have been able to do this with my family. We don't often get that chance in life. 

Thankyou to all those friends of Desert Collectors for loving our show also for your informative and positive feedback. 

I love making Desert Collectors, so strap yourself in for for the Lake Perkolilli Documentary coming soon!

Cheers Nigel.